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Natural conditions

natureThe village Klátova Nová Ves lies under the steep hill Kostrín, which makes a northern root of Tribeč mountain. Tribeč mountain surrounds the south and south-east parts of the land area. The land area is drained off by the stream Vyčoma. It rises in the mountains in Klížske Hradište and meets the river Nitra in the village Práznovce.
The north and north-west parts of the land area lying on a soft highlands are almost entirely deforested and used as an arable land. The south and south-east parts of the land area are covered by hills of Tribeč mountains. Despite the long-term human ambitions to cultivate this land it saved its original nature and the most hills are overgrown by oaks and hornbeams. In the higher locations there are beechwood and maple vegetation. The smaller areas from the whole are grown by softwoods.
The climate of the village is warm or medium warm.The village is relatively protected from the northern winds. The humidity is medium with an average rate of rains 600-700 mm, 800 mm in the mountain.
In the forests we can meet animals as a deer, roe deer, wild boar, and smaller wild animals as a rabbit, fox, wild cat, squirrel, badger and a beech marten. We can rarely meet a fallow deer and moufflon which were bred in deer fields. From birds we can see a peasant, rarely a wood grouse, partridge and a quail. Rat racers include a hawk, hen harrier, falcon and sparrow-hawk. Near the dwellings we can meet songbirds as a titmouse, blackbird, woodpecker, goldfinch, finch, turtledove and starling.
Favourable soil and climate conditions enable growing almost all the plants of middle-European climate zone. In the gardens different kinds of fruit trees are grown. The most common are: apple, pear, plum, cherry and walnut trees, less common are apricot and peach trees. From common agricultural plants all kinds of crop-plants are grown in a large-scale production including corn for haylage and grain, turnip, sugar beet and Swedish turnip.


date: 2019-09-18

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