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Neo-baroque mansion in Klátová Nová Ves

Neo-baroque mansion in Klátova Nová Ves with a historical parkThe mansion is in the picturesque park in the middle of the village on the left side of the river Vyčoma. It is assumed it was built in the middle of the 18th century by Husár’s family. The owners were Marcibány, Miggazy, and the baron Leopold Haupt-Stummer who rebuilt the baroque mansion in a neo-baroque style around 1892. The interior decoration was made up to the interiors of French rococo. The building was equipped by comfortable central heating. The electric energy for lighting was supplied by the domestic generator powered by water wheel installed in the stream in the park. The park was extended and reached the area around 5 hectares. A new outplanting consisted of both domestic and exotic pulps. The river Vyčoma supplied a new-arranged lake north of the mansion. The park was completed by summer houses, grottos, bridges and benches. In 1915 the youngest daughter, Karola Haupt-Stummer got married with the landlord Tibor Biedermann, the lawyer and the mansion became their property. In 1945 their property was seized, the mansion served as a school, but it deteriorated quickly. In 1977 The Slovak Statistical Office became a new owner. In the same year the mansion with its area was enlisted into the list of national sightseeings and from 1986 there is a training centre of the Slovak Statistical Office with its seat in Bratislava.


date: 2019-09-18

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