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Roman gothic church in Sádok

SádokA dominant church is visible from a distance. It is located on the hill Chríb in the eastern part of the village Sádok. It is assumed it was built on the place of the older Medieval hill-fort named Čížik. It is a Romance church. Its oldest parts probably date back to the 12th century. The church was altered more times with a purpose to enlarge its area. From an original one aisle church only the norhern part of the aisle made of quarry stone was conserved. In the 14th-15th centuries the northern sacrisy was built. The first written reference about the existence of a local parish come from 1332-1337. It belonged among the wealthiest parishes in the surrounding. From the end of the 16th to the end of the 17th centuries when the church was owned by the Protestants its walls were in a very bad state. For this reason the south aisle wall was supported by corner pillars. A huge square tower was inbuilt with the main entrance in the middle of west frontage. Under the floor there are crypts of Bačkády‘s, Gostony‘s and Husár‘s families. The visitation from 1778-1779 says the church resembles a ruin. The facades and the wall surrounding the cemetry were reconstructed in 1957-1958. The ruined roof was renewed in 1992. Today this national cultural sightseeing is a favourite place of tourists and annual ceremonies.


date: 2019-09-18

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