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The castle in Janova Ves

The castle in Janova VesThe castle in Janova Ves with a large park is located in the south - east part of the village Janova Ves. The modern building was probably built on the place of the original renessaince mansion of Bošáni’s family. The first known reference to this residence of Ján Bošáni comes from 1591. The mansion was enlarged in 1906 by the baron Leopold Haupt-Stummer. He bought it for his oldest daughter Getrúda who married the doctor Edmund Nesner. A new Art Nouveau villa was built out to the old building. The owners enlarged the park and it reached the area about 10 hectares. A big lake and three smaller lakes fed by the stream Hradský potok were made. From park architecture a little bridge with a metal railing was conserved. A water wheel designed for producing electricity for a mansion is interesting too. The exceptional doctor and philanthropist Edmund Nesner cured people from large surrounding by the herbs he cultivated. After his death his wife granted the mansion to the state. In 1967 there was a children sanatorium established. In 1998 this national cultural sightseeing was obtained by the village.


date: 2019-09-18

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